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Gambling methods and activities
Gambling methods and activities
Gambling methods and activities

Offering my older gaming devices. No set prices, simply make me a deal on anything.

Playstation 2 (PS2) Gaming consoles as well as Add-on.
- Silver slimline system (both systems have power cables as well as AV cords).
- Black initial.
- Dual shock controller (silver, clear blue, and also black).
- Guitar Hero SG guitar.
- Guitar Hero wireless guitar (green button does not always work, perhaps a connection problem since neck is removable? If you hold it ideal it works).
- Stone Band wireless guitar.
- Rock Band drum set (I screwed an item of wood to the foot pedal so it didn't break ... in my viewpoint it is a lot nicer than just the plastic pedal).
- Rock Band microphone.
- 2 Dancing Dance Transformation (DDR) Dance Floor covering (one official, one rip off).
- 8 MEGABYTES memory card (red).

PS2 Video games.
- Guitar Hero 80's.
- Guitar Hero 2.
- Guitar Hero 3.
- Guitar Hero 5.
- Stone Band.
- Stone Band 2.
- Phone call of Obligation: Globe at War.
- Phone call of Obligation: Best Hour.
- Killzone.
- Socom: US Navy Seals.
- Dancing Professional dancer Revolution (DDR) Severe 2.
- Downhill Domination.
- Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder.
- Tony Hawk's Underground.
- Sonic Mega Collection Plus.
- NHL 2002.
- NHL 2K7.
- Nascar '08 (still sealed).
- Madden 2002.
- Madden 2008.
- NFL 2K5.
- NFL 2K2.

Nintendo 64.
- Two controllers (blue as well as gray).
- 2 roar pak/memory card combos.
- RF adaptor.
- AV cable.
- Expansion Pak.
- Tony Hawks Pro Skater.
- Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2.
- Mario Tennis.
- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
- Celebrity Wars Episode 1 Racer.
- 1080 Snowboarding.
- In the Area '98.
- Super Knockout Bros.
- Jet Force Gemini (Have Player's Overview also).
- Superstar Fox 64.

Sega Genesis.
- 3 RF adaptors.
- Console (no power cord, controllers or video games).

Sega Dreamcast.
- 2 controllers.
- 2 VMU memory cards.
- Dave Mirra BMX.
- Heart Caliber.
- Unreal Tournament (there is a small amount of glue or something on the disc that has to be cleaned off, it induces the game to quit functioning sometimes, yet if you might it off the video game would certainly function fine).
- NBA 2K.
- NFL 2K1.
- World Series Baseball 2K1.
- Sonic Adventure.

Original Nintendo (NES).
- Console (doesn't constantly work, typically the display will flash in between blue and also black or a light fixture and darker black or between the game and black).
- 2 controllers.
- Weapon.
- Super Mario Bros. / Duck Quest.
- Darkwing Duck.
- Vegas Fantasize.
- Dr. Mario.

If you have an interest in anything merely shoot me an e-mail as well as deal something.
(There might a couple things I missed taking a photo of, there was great deals, so if you want a photo simply allow me recognize).

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